Samantha G Stone
Samantha G Stone

Samantha G Stone

VIMA Multi-Family Supply & Décor

Austin, TX

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Vima Décor has over 12 years of experience in providing commercial property owners, builders, and developers with superior finishing products for multi-family renovation projects. Our products will transform any outdated living space into one of luxury and sophistication while staying well within your budget. We understand that affordability, quality, quick and easy installation, and ongoing maintenance are all factors to consider when purchasing products for multi-family renovation and construction projects. Because of this, Vima is on a continuous search for new, durable, simple-to-install products to be able to offer our customers. Our selection of inovative items have all been carefully chosen to allow you to effectively refurbish your properties from class-C to class-A for much less than you may expect. Vima Décor officially opened for business in 2006 and has grown insurmountably in recent years. We currently have two showroom locations in Austin and Dallas, along with a 110,000 sq. foot warehouse in Dallas and an office in Shanghai. For more information, please call us at 512-243-5645 or email [email protected]


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