Kim McDougal
Kim McDougal

Kim McDougal

Office Manager at Valor Fire/low voltage/security

Round Rock, TX

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Valor is a proudly Veteran owned company with many years of extensive experience in the fire, security and low voltage industry. With the fast evolution of technology in the fire and security sector it is Valor who you should trust in developing the system that fits your fundamental needs. We continually work closely with our manufactures in understanding their equipment and updates which allows us to properly set your system in place for successful operation. At Valor, we set standards within our organization for developing our TEAM strength with education of latest technologies as well as various applicable code requirements. This ensures that the optimal operation of our organization, in such a critical industry of protecting lives and property, is being met. With many years in the fire, security, low voltage industry of installing, inspecting and servicing some of the most elaborate systems, we would like to extend our services to you and encourage you to experience the Valor difference.


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