Giana Valdivia
Giana Valdivia

Giana Valdivia

Student at Arizona State University

Austin, TX

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As a young up-and-coming business professional I am seeking an opportunity to excel at a company that can offer me a new and challenging career with the freedom to grow. The scope of my experience in the field of sales and customer service is diverse, as I have been employed in a variety of industries and positions throughout college. I believe my best assets are my attention to detail, organizational focus and strong interpersonal communication skills. The ability to manage multiple projects while remaining highly organized to meet high performance standards should be an employee’s most important attribute. I have always been driven toward effective and measurable results throughout my career, making the best possible use of my time and resources to the benefit of the company. Here are some of my personal abilities: • Excellent problem-solving capabilities and ability to adapt to rapidly changing cultural environments. • Accomplished organizational and interpersonal communication skills with the flexibility to remain highly focused while also intensely a able in high paced and demanding environments. • Hands on team leader and critical thinker who values team success rather than personal short-term costs, willing to take on a goal entirely by myself if necessary- hard work will always be recognized. • Strong communicator with the ability to collaborate e ectively with diverse clientele • Proficient in MS Office Suite Given my experience and skills as a business professional I feel I can be a strong representative and garner a positive brand image for your company, with great success for us both in the future. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.


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