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David Johnson

David Johnson

General Construction, Roofing, Roof Coatings, Professional Insurance Claims Consultant


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I think I have something you will be interested in. General Electric developed a coating that goes over a warn out flat roof that makes it twice as strong as when your roof was brand-new, it has more than double the longevity it originally had, it has a better warranty and, best of all, it is A FRACTION THE COST. In short, you get a roof that is far better than brand new, but cost significantly less. If you have any interest, let me know and I will send you some information. Thank you.


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  • General Contractor, Risk Manager, Roofing & Roof Coating

    PermaLast Building Systems, Inc. – Austin
    Oct 1994 – Present
    David Johnson has been involved in general construction since age 15. At age 32, he started his first company called Johnson & Bateman Construction which specialized in purchasing properties for relocation, refurbishment and resale. In 1993 (at age 36), became the CEO/President of Eagle Construction and Development, Inc. The company was formed in California just a few months prior to the Northridge Earthquake. This became Mr. Johnson’s introduction to property insurance. The company quickly became a preferred vendor for many of the major carriers and conducted both commercial and residential earthquake repairs, as well as non-insurance related earthquake retrofit projects. The largest included the retrofit of a fourteen story high rise building. During this time Mr. Johnson worked closely with engineers and other expert witness consultants which opened the doors to learning the trade procedures for forensic evaluations. Later carriers began asking for consultation reports which opened the doors to working as a consultant on hundreds of claims. Occasionally some of these claim had suits filed against the carriers. When that occurred, Mr. Johnson was named as an expert witness, however, all of those suits settled before trial. Over time the company branched out into emergency services, mold abatement and other aspects of insurance restoration, particularly in fire and flood claims. Starting in 2004 the Gulf States were impacted by several significant hurricanes and Mr. Johnson was asked to join a team of specialist on many of the more significant claims. The trip was intended to last over the summer but ended up lasting three years where Mr. Johnson was involved in settling hundreds of claims. In 2007 the team was finally dissolved and Mr. Johnson moved to the Austin, TX area. There he began working as a construction project manager and over the next year or so coordinated the construction on several larger commercial buildings for Jamail and Smith Construction and Bonnet Grant Construction. He also performed some insurance related work for Lone Star Roofing. In 2009 Mr. Johnson formed Alpha Insurance Trade Association, a non-profit trade association of insurance claim specialist that work primarily assist insured’s. As CEO and President, his primary duties include training members of the association working in the insurance restoration and public adjusting industries. The association is geared toward individual business who benefit from the networking opportunities found in a trade association style environment. Since the establishment of this association Mr. Johnson has once again become involved in claims as an insurance consultant, adjuster, risk manager and expert witness work, only this time on the side of the insured. Since the association was established in 2009 he has served insured’s and member associates in over a thousand claims. Several legal firms have used his services and hailed his consultation reports as the best they have seen in the industry. Regarding actual plaintiff suits filed against the carrier, the dozen or so that Mr. Johnson has been involved with have all settled prior to going to court.


  • Licensed for Ministry, Pastoral

    The Church of The Open Door – San Francisco, CA
    Jun 1977 – May 1983
  • BA Biblical Studies, General Ed & Biblical Studies

    Lutheran Bible Institute – Seattle Washington
    Jun 1975 – May 1977
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