Bryan Heckman
Bryan Heckman

Bryan Heckman

Staffing Partner - Provider of Temp/Temp to Hire Multi-Family candidates in AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, OK and TX.

Denver, CO

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Reach out today to get the best candidates in your market working for you! Are you short staffed? My candidates are experienced/qualified, pre-screened and available immediately! I’ll direct send candidates with the skills/experience you need and all of my candidates submit to a thorough background screening. Give me a call to discuss your needs and how I can be of service! I’m looking forward to hearing from YOU! Career Strategies is: • Compliance Depot approved! • Specialize in apartment communities (I recruit and service my apartment community clients nationwide) • Leasing, management, maintenance, and porter candidates • Recruit the best and most qualified candidates available in the market • Temp, temp to hire, and direct hire candidates • Pay rolling service (Payroll YOUR candidate through us, get to know them, see how they fit with your team, learn what they bring to your open position and cut back on bad hiring costs- the average bad hire cost is $13,700!) • Background check on all temporary employees working on site • Competitive bill rates


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