Alexa Vecchio
Alexa Vecchio

Alexa Vecchio

Marketing Consultant at Austin Java Co.

Austin, TX

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In May, I graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising. I focused much of my time learning the creative side of the industry. In addition, I earned a certificate from the McCombs School of Business to better understand how advertising is utilized in business. Along with my growing interest of advertising and its evolution due to new media, I aim to build a career focused on helping brands compete and succeed in the digital sphere. I enjoy encountering fresh experiences and have found advertising fuels this desire as strategies often require constant innovation. I strive to apply my curiosity and creativity to discover unique ways to reach audiences on behalf of businesses, brands, and non-profits. Throughout the past few years studying in Austin, Texas, I have learned how living a nutritious, activity-driven lifestyle can transcend positively into virtually every aspect of one's life. I have been increasingly intrigued by the growing market of health-centered products. I plan to one day contribute my creativity and knowledge of advertising towards these transparent and beneficial brands.


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