Colonizing Mars is not the answer. 
We need to recreate the Earth.

Peter Rex, Founder and CEO

Peter Rex is the founder and CEO of Trustwork, a technology business driven to empower the global workforce and recreate the world’s economy.

Trustwork’s mission fulfills deeply held desires from Peter’s childhood and is a byproduct of Peter’s life experience as a middle-class youth with an extreme drive to serve people of all nations.

My grandparents left Ireland and poverty for the Land of Opportunity. Working people now need a New Land of Opportunity.

- Peter Rex

Peter developed core elements of Trustwork’s vision while building a $1 billion integrated investment and operations company. He went from bootstrapping in 2005 as a construction worker to now having 400+ employees, $135mm in annual revenue, and $350mm of equity invested.

In 2015, Peter embarked on an 18-month investigation to understand how to apply his vision at the largest possible scale. He recognized the value that physically seeing local problems, opportunities, and cultural nuances would have in developing and executing a truly global strategy. His trip led him to 85 countries where he held over 600 meetings with business leaders, government officials, and everyday people.

Peter returned with his family to the United States having seen the potential in people across all geographies and socio-economic classes, and the extent to which they had been limited by lack of access to the new economy. He knew that the best investment would be in creating meaningful technology that would allow people throughout the economy to amplify their entrepreneurial drive and human ingenuity.

Imagine if anyone in Miami or Calcutta or Lagos or Shanghai could leverage online tools created in San Francisco and procure capital from London to solve problems and create opportunities locally or globally. We’d see an explosion of productivity springing forth from untapped talents. It is possible. Let’s make it happen.

- Peter Rex

Trustwork’s initial focus is on recreating the “old economy” industries of real estate and construction, but will eventually empower every person in the global workforce.

Peter Rex lives with his wife and three children in Seattle and regularly operates in San Francisco, Dallas, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and New York. He is a CPA and lawyer, and received a BA in philosophy and government from Georgetown University and a JD from Harvard Law School.