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We’re now strong in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville; and we’re emerging in Denver, Phoenix, and Miami. People everywhere will soon be on Trustwork, The New Land of Opportunity.

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Why People Use Trustwork

Create a world-class profile, establishing your brand on a growing network and enable others to find you, trust you and give you more opportunities.
Post work you need to get done, and it will get done by professionals you can trust.
Search for jobs you want to do, on your time, and build your brand with each job completed.
Advertise your services, your brand, and/or your company to an engaged and qualified audience.
Collaborate with others using team-based project management tools and free messaging.
Buy or sell goods (such as tools, furniture, cars, etc).
Give ‘Props’ (endorse/recommend publicly) to family, friends, co-workers, contractors, etc. These props will help validate them on Trustwork.
Build your network by inviting others to the network locally and globally, making Trustwork the go-to destination to “Get it done.”

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Businesses Built On Trustwork

On-demand unit turns.

A unit turn marketplace serving residential property owners. Cleaning, painting, resurfacing, and repairs on-demand, on time and in your neighborhood.

Move anything. Micro-trucking.

Moving furniture, supplies to or from construction site, hauling junk, pick up or drop off items. Just truck it.

On-demand maintenance.

Serving property owners by allowing work orders to be done by professional maintenance technicians.

Rent your property short-term for extra income.

Now serving residential apartment owners by renting out vacant units on a short-term basis to generate substantially more income.

Get applicants verified quickly, with assurance.

Now serving property owners to assure that contractors and vendors are in compliance.

Apartment leasing marketplace.

Enables leasing professionals to respond to leads generated by people seeking to rent an apartment.

Trustwork is a technology business recreating the real economy. Betting on bold people, investing in invention, executing scalably.


Empower people to rise up and live abundantly.


The global workforce will be empowered to find opportunity, develop professional reputations, build companies and realize daring dreams; creating abundance for their communities and themselves. Trustwork will be the world’s largest economy.


Champions of Trust. We have experienced the power of rightfully placed trust in enabling human relationships to flourish from being a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, or co-worker. We see the need for trust in all successful human relationships. We want to restore trust in the working world, and we strive individually and as a team to be the source of that trust.

Empathy with Workers. We identify ourselves as workers, in solidarity with all who work, whether building a business, performing as an admin, coding software, sweeping the streets, serving as a CEO, ministering to a Church, or hammering away as a carpenter. We deeply empathize with working people. If they struggle, we feel their pain acutely. If they improve, we feel their joy. We want to solve their problems, and create opportunity for them.

Hunger to Empower. We feel in our gut an extreme fire to help each human being to become more capable, better tooled, and stronger in every way, and to have access to far greater upward mobility.

Extreme Sacrifice. We are the happy few who have chosen the difficult, narrow path. Life is short. When we look back on our lives, we want to see that every ounce of our being has been given. We motivate ourselves, individually and as a team, to the furthest extreme of performance, undergoing any pain because it’s nothing compared to how fun, adventurous, satisfying, stimulating, hugely rewarding, and joyous the journey.

Calculated Boldness. We have personally sought and achieved exceptional feats before. We know, not think, we will succeed. We carefully plan then courageously act, learn from mistakes and eliminate risks, and enthusiastically conquer. We are going to accomplish the greatest, most daring dreams ever endeavored by mankind.


Love. We love one another, we love what we do, we love who we serve. With passion.

Faith. Selecting world-class talent with superior teaming ability, we vigorously develop ourselves and apply positive managerial leverage. Giving and receiving fierce loyalty. We trust.

Hope. It makes achieving great things possible. We first believe we can, then we do. We will find a way, or make one.

Harmony. Family, friendship and health are paramount. Prioritizing and integrating with our crucial mission ensures sustainable success.

Humility. Grounded in truth. Individually, and as a team, we recognize our limitations, play to our strengths, and know we are serving a good greater than ourselves.

Integrity. Our foundation. We are upright, behaving honorably, respectfully and ethically. We are forthright, communicating point-blank, honestly and constructively.

Stewardship. Resourceful, frugal, accountable, discreet. Excelling in compliance. We have a duty to use our talents and resources to protect and increase long-term shareholder value.

Effectiveness. Scrappy, competitive, laser focused. Judging ourselves by results. Superior in our access to, quality of, and the way we use information.

Speed. To survive, we move as fast as possible. We shrewdly evaluate, quickly decide, immediately execute, nimbly pivot and continually iterate.

Entrepreneurship. Seeking creative destruction, we think independently, challenge the status quo, experimentally discover and aggressively innovate. We are builders. We create.

Trustwork Nation

All persons, businesses, and initiatives united in ethos and committed to empower people to rise up and live abundantly.

Trustwork Mottos

Rise Up, Live Abundantly, The New Land of Opportunity.

Our M.O.

Focused, Fast, Fun, Flexible, Frugal, Ferocious.


Props. Symbolizes “Get it done,” friendship, motivation, giving credit, crushing obstacles, rising up, living abundantly.