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3.7 billion people in 2017 were locked out of the new economy, seeing no increase in their wealth. Without access to technology and capital, this opportunity gap is only getting worse.

Our team, our community, and our technology will onboard billions of people into the new economy, empowering them to define their own futures.

We’ve launched in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville; and we’re emerging in Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Miami. People everywhere will soon be on Trustwork, the New Land of Opportunity.

What we do

We're creating a network, marketplace, tools, and community open to anyone in the world.


Mobile-first, local yet global place to interact with other professionals.


The ability to message, make payments, and see the validated reputation of people you meet or transact with.


Building off-the-shelf software tools for users to build their personal work, team, company, or initiative on the platform.


Bringing the whole thing to life by creating and cultivating a robust, aligned community.

We’re launching new technology businesses synergistic with our platform.

  • Attacking compelling opportunities where we have competitive advantages or a strategic purpose.
  • Executing through a chaordic model that emphasizes, entrepreneurial teams with high autonomy that are encapsulated and fully integrate with the broader company through the same Trustwork platform we open to everyone.
  • Combining human and machine-driven analysis to maximize efficacy and efficiency of platform interactions and transactions powered by smart contracts.

Businesses built on Trustwork

On-demand unit turns.

A unit turn marketplace serving residential property owners. Cleaning, painting, resurfacing, and repairs on-demand, on time, and in your neighborhood.

Get vendors verified quickly, with assurance.

Now serving property owners to assure that contractors and vendors are in compliance.

Outsource pesky tasks.

Contractors ready to: clean grounds, assemble furniture, handle after-hours maintenance, service pools, install shelves, etc.

Mobile App

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